Published: Editorial in SiSAL special issue on skills development and practice

10 10 2011

ELI Assistant Director Jo Mynard has published an article in the March 2011 Studies in Self-Access Learning Journal. Publication information follows:

Mynard, J. (2011). Editorial. Studies in Self-Access Learning Journal, 2(1), 1 – 3.

Editorial – Special Issue on Skills Development and Practice

The March 2011 issue of SiSAL Journal was a special issue on skills development and practice in the field of self-access learning and this editorial summarizes the contributions. Some contributions were related to language skill areas and other contributors interpreted the theme in a broader sense which led to a very interesting and varied issue. For example, self-directed learning is an important skill area, particularly in the context of self-access learning. This issue touches on both linguistic and non-linguistic development for outside class learning.



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