Published: Editorial – special issue on learner involvement

10 10 2011

ELI Assistant Director Jo Mynard has published an article in the June 2011 Studies in Self-Access Learning Journal. Publication information follows:

Mynard, J. (2011). Editorial. Studies in Self-Access Learning Journal, 2(2), 48-50.

Editorial – Special Issue on Learner Involvement

The June, 2011 issue of SiSAL Journal had the theme of “Learner Involvement” and the editorial summarizes the contributions and makes distinctions between some of the different ways in which learners can be involved in self-access learning. Learner involvement is relevant to self-access learning in a number of ways and this special issue highlights three of them through its contributions. Firstly, there is a learner’s involvement in his or or her own self-directed learning. Secondly, there is the emotional involvement with learning. Thirdly, there is learner involvement in the actual running of a self-access centre.



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