Published: Transitioning from Teaching to Advising

12 12 2011

KUIS learning advisor Elizabeth Lammons has published a column in the IATEFL Learner Autonomy SIG newsletter. Details as follows:

Lammons, E. (2011). Finding my way: Transitioning from teaching to advising. Independence, 53, 27-31.

Elizabeth Lammons, a new Learning Advisor,  wrote a column reflecting on her experiences transitioning from teaching to becoming a learning advisior. In this first column, Liz discusses her previous teaching and how it influenced her decision to become a learning advisor. Also, Liz discusses the challenge she faced in not having a class of my own. Liz comments, “I hope that by sharing these experiences I am able to shed some light on some of the challenges that moving from a classroom to a role that supports learners outside the classroom can have on an educator’s professional development.”

Keywords: advising, professional development



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