Partner Institutions

The ELI has partnered with several educational institutions throughout Japan dedicated to innovative language teaching in a variety of contexts.

External Language Consultancy Center (ELCC)

The ELCC was established to improve English language teaching and learning at select institutions across Japan. Drawing upon the Kanda University of International Studies language education experience, the ELCC has provided expertise in curriculum development, course delivery, e-learning and self-access related projects at a number of institutions across Japan. Three examples of ELCC projects are the BECC and the SILC described below:

Bunkyo English Communication Center (BECC)

The BECC is a collaborative project between Kanda University of International Studies and Hiroshima Bunkyo Women’s University. BECC’s mission is to develop English proficiency across all departments at the university. in response to initiatives from the Japanese Ministry of Education, BECC works to ensure graduates meet a ‘Bunkyo Standard’ of ‘Graduate Abilities’ in English proficiency.

Sojo International Learning Center (SILC)

Kanda University of International Studies has partnered with Sojo University to establish the SILC. The SILC focuses on improving students’ English skills and promoting the use of English campus wide. Sojo University is a private university in Kumamoto City with a focus on Engineering, Computer Science, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Osaka Institute of Technology – Language Learning Centre (LLC)

In 2012, Osaka Institute of Technology launched a collaborative initiative with Kanda University of International Studies to establish the Language Learning Center (LLC). The LLC provides courses for OIT graduate students in academic presentation skills, preparing them to participate in international conferences and share the results of their research. The LLC also functions as a self-access center, supporting OIT students’ English learning within the context of Osaka Institute of Technology’s ongoing globalization project.
E-CO (English Café at Otemon) is a self-access centre established in 2013 as part of a collaborative initiative between Otemon Gakuin University in Ibaraki City, Osaka, and Kanda University of International Studies. As part of the Center for International Studies, E-CO supports students interested in improving their English communication skills by providing workshops and classes, a specialized learning advisory service, a variety of English learning materials, and a space for informal English interaction. E-CO staff also teach on the Global Career Course, a 4-year course with a study abroad component that was launched in 2013.
Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Kyoto
Meijo University, Nagoya


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