Institutional Projects The ELI receives annual funding from the Research Institute of Language Studies and Language Education (RILS&LE). The Publications page lists the latest publications by ELI lecturers in academic journals. Funding from the RILS&LE has enabled the ELI to establish and formalise ongoing research projects. Based on experience and/or interest, teachers and learning advisors are assigned to one of the ongoing institutional research projects related to curriculum renewal or testing that are housed within the ELI. These are collaborative research projects led by a coordinator(s) and typically consist of 7-8 people. These projects are, for the most part, concerned with the systematic development and trialing of instructional materials to be used within and/or outside of the classroom, and research into practices surrounding the use of these materials. There are currently 9 institutional research projects. (no. in brackets [ ] indicates no. of research projects in that field)

  • English Curriculum Projects  [3]

English Department

IC Department

ILC Department

  • Literacies[2]

Foundational Literacies (reading and writing)

Advanced Literacies (reading and writing)

  • Chinese, Spanish & Korean (CSK) Project [1]
  • Media English Project [1]
  • Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Project [1]
  • Kanda Assessment Project (KAP) [1]

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