Members of the ELI are primarily responsible for the teaching of English Proficiency Courses across three university departments: the English Department, the International Communication (IC) Department, and the International Languages and Culture (ILC) Department.

Professional Development:

In addition to a formal system of professional development operating within the ELI, there is also a Professional Development Committee that coordinates a raft of self-initiated activities that have engendered a particularly vibrant and stimulating work environment. Some of the current initiatives include: abstract and writing circles (which provide feedback on staff members’ conference proposals and drafts of academic papers), a reading discussion group (where staff come together to discuss academic articles), peer observations (a structured process for observing lessons, being observed, and exchanging feedback), peer workshops and guest speakers (presentation series that harnesses the expertise of colleagues and brings experts in from outside the institution), and a PD website (an online space for the dissemination of both professional and social information).

The ELI Lounge

  1. The Free Conversation Area is located by the yellow sofas and is the place to go for free conversation. The Free Conversation Area is staffed by ELI teachers throughout the day between the hours of 11:00am to 4:40pm. No reservation is needed.
  2. The Practice Centre also offers a place for conversation practice; however, in contrast to the Free Conversation Area, students should come prepared with something to talk about. Reservations are required, sessions last for 15 minutes.
  3. The Writing Centre is the place to visit for advice on writing. Reservations are required, sessions last for 15 minutes.

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