Published: The bespoke syllabus, objective setting and WIN analyses.

21 10 2011

SALC Learning Advisor Bob Morrison published an article in the Independence IATEFL Learner Autonomy SIG Newsletter.

Morrison, B. R. (2011). The bespoke syllabus, objective setting and WIN analyses. Independence IATEFL Learner Autonomy SIG Newsletter 52, 16-18.

In Richard’s (2001) seminal work on curriculum development and syllabus design, he discusses “organized course[s] of language instruction” (p.1). Much of what is covered in the areas of planning goals and learning outcomes are clearly relevant when planning a bespoke syllabus for an individual learner, yet the teacher-led needs analysis goes against the philosophy underlying self-directed language learning and the autonomy approach to learner facilitation. Nevertheless, with a few modifications, learners can be guided through a process of objective setting which goes beyond needs analysis to incorporate wants and interests. For learners without a clear knowledge of their learning objectives or the gaps in their linguistic abilities, this will result in learner-generated focus that can identify a clear purpose for language learning.