Published: Creative tools that facilitate the advising process

25 05 2012

SALC Learning advisors (past and present) have published a chapter in an edited volume published by IATEFL.

Publication details are as follows:

Yamaguchi, A., Hasegawa, Y., Kato, S., Lammons, E., McCarthy, T., Morrison, B. R., Mynard, J., Navarro, D., Takahashi, K., & Thornton, K. (2012). Creative Tools that Facilitate the Advising Process. In C. Ludwig & J. Mynard (Eds.) Autonomy in language learning: Advising in action (pp. 115-136). Canterbury, UK: IATEFL.


In chapter 8, Atsumi Yamaguchi et al. briefly describe some of the tools used by learning advisors at Kanda University of International Studies in Japan. Tools such as visual models, learning plans, interactive diaries, reflective tasks, learner autobiographies, shared reflections and portfolios of work facilitate the advising process by supporting the advisor-learning dialogue. In this chapter the authors briefly describe a theoretical model for advising in language learning and then provide some examples of advising tools and explain how they are used in practice in order to facilitate the advising process and promote deeper reflection on language learning.



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