Spring semester 2012 brings new faces, changes to the ELI

11 07 2012

18 new lecturers joined the ELI at Kanda University of International studies. This cohort is comprised of 17 teachers and one learning advisor. Lecturers arrived from the following countries: Australia, Canada, Japan, Russia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The lecturers have brought a wealth of educational experience with them. For example, Caroline Hutchinson, of Cardiff, Wales, has taught in Yamaguchi prefecture high schools on the JET Programme, in Budapest, Hungary as a business English teacher, and at RMIT University in Hanoi, Vietnam. Caroline also added, “I used to be a salaryman.”

New members are shaping the future of the ELI with their research interests. James Atcheson, from Forth Worth, Texas, said, “Critical theory is interesting because it provides teachers with a framework to establish a strong link between what’s happening in the classroom and what’s going on in the society outside the classroom, the so-called “real world.”

The management team has changed as well. Dr. Paul Lyddon joined the ELI as the assistant director of curriculum. Dr. Michael Torpey retired and Assistant Director Phil Murphy has been promoted to the Director of the ELI.

2012 marks Phil’s 15th year here. Dr. Murphy explained his top goal as, “to help create the optimal environment for students to develop as language learners and lecturers to grow professionally whether it be teaching, advising, and/or researching.”

The first semester is nearly done. Shawn Hupka, from Windsor, Ontaria comments, “So far, Kanda’s been great. It’s exciting to share ideas and work with so many instructors from all over the world,” said Shawn cheerfully.

Shawn Hupka and Caroline Hutchinson, new ELI lecturers.



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