Guest Lecture: Autonomous approaches to literature and film in the light of new literacies, technologies and culture(s)

2 10 2012

The ELI will be hosting a guest lecture by Christian Ludwig of University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. Don’t miss it!

Title: Autonomous approaches to literature and film in the light of new literacies, technologies and culture(s)

Date: Wednesday 10th October, 2012

Time: 5pm

Room: Presentation Room (Building 6)


This talk will deal with the multifaceted role that literature can play in the foreign language classroom at all levels. We will analyse various literary works that present a multi-cultural society and that allow an opening towards the global world, and a new diversity and pluralism in English-speaking countries. There will be both general and more specific discussions of the role of literature in inter-and transcultural learning as well as various (autonomous) approaches to dealing with literature.

About the presenter

Christian Ludwig is a lecturer in the field of Applied Linguistics and EFL Methodology at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. He holds a teaching qualification for Spanish, English and German and is currently pursuing a further teaching qualification for higher education. His research interests include language learner autonomy, literature in inter- and transcultural learning and language acquisition by using graphic fiction. He is an active member of the IATEFL Learner Autonomy SIG and the German Association of Applied Linguistics.




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